Subscription FAQ

What is monthly Tinta Mail Subscription?

  • It is a planner sticker kit that includes stickers, diecuts and a postcard. The kit is automatically sent to you every month. Each month has its own theme.


What’s included?

  • Sticker sheets (4x6”) x2
  • Diecuts x2
  • Diecut Bookmark (4” tall) x1
  • Postcard (5x7”) x 1


When does sign ups open every month?

  • Sign ups opens on the 22nd to the 3rd of the next month.


How many subscription kits can I purchase?

  • There is no limit.


How much does the subscription cost?

  • $11.50 plus shipping.


How much is shipping?

  • Packages are shipped via flat kraft mailers. US address: $3.50 / International address: $6.25 / Canadian address: $3.50 (all prices in USD).


Is the package tracked?

  • No. We do not offer tracked shipping at this time. We want to make this as affordable as possible to everyone. If there is a demand for tracked shipping in the future, we will make adjustments accordingly.


When is the shipping period?

  • Kits are shipped out on the 10th - 16th of each month.


What kits do you offer?

  • There is only ONE style. These designs are generic and can be used in any and all planner styles.


When can I cancel my subscription?

  • Minimum subscription period is 3 months. You can cancel it anytime after the third charge.


Can I purchase other items at the same time?

  • Unfortunately not. This ensures that kits are shipped out on time and everyone receives them in a timely manner.


Can I cancel and have my kit refunded?

  • Unfortunately not. All sales are final and will not be refunded.


When does the recurring charge happen every month?

  • You will be charged on the same calendar date as the day you sign up. (Example: If you sign up on Feb 22, you will be charged on Mar 22, Apr 22, May22 and so on).


Will these kits be available to purchase without subscribing?

  • At the moment, we will not be offering these kits in the shop. In the future if we have enough left over kits, we will consider offering them in the shop.


How do I cancel my subscription?

  • You can easily do that by clicking ‘Manage Monthly Subscription’ in the left menu of the website.