Subscription FAQ

What is monthly Tinta Mail Subscription?

  • It is a planner sticker kit that includes stickers, diecuts and a postcard. The kit is automatically sent to you every month. Each month has its own theme.


    When does sign ups open every month?

    • Sign ups opens on the 22nd to the 3rd of the next month.


    How many subscription kits can I purchase?

    • There is no limit.


    How much does the subscription cost?

    • $11.50 plus shipping.


    How much is shipping?

    • Packages are shipped via flat kraft mailers. US address: $3.50 / International address: $6.25 / Canadian address: $3.50 (all prices in USD).


    Is the package tracked?

    • No. We do not offer tracked shipping at this time. We want to make this as affordable as possible to everyone. If there is a demand for tracked shipping in the future, we will make adjustments accordingly.


    When is the shipping period?

    • Kits are shipped out on the 10th - 16th of each month.


    What kits do you offer?

    • A - Deco Kit (Foiled): These designs are generic and can be used in any and all planner styles. Includes 2 sheets of 4x6" kiss cut stickers, 1 journaling card, and 3-5 diecuts. 
    • B - Vertical Kit (Non-foiled): This is a mini kit that's suitable for vertical planning styles. Includes 4 sticker sheets for your weekly layouts plus 3-5 diecuts. 
    • C - Vertical Kit (Digital): This has the same sticker sheets as Kit 'B' without the diecuts but instead 2 digital papers. 
    • D - Combo Kit: Both 'A' and 'B' kits.

    When can I cancel my subscription?

    • Minimum subscription period is 3 months. You can cancel it anytime after the third charge.


    Can I purchase other items at the same time?

    • Unfortunately not. This ensures that kits are shipped out on time and everyone receives them in a timely manner.


    Can I cancel and have my kit refunded?

    • Unfortunately not. All sales are final and will not be refunded.


    When does the recurring charge happen every month?

    • You will be charged on the same calendar date as the day you sign up. (Example: If you sign up on Feb 22, you will be charged on Mar 22, Apr 22, May22 and so on).


    Will these kits be available to purchase without subscribing?

    • Deco Kits will be available in the shop as a la carte after sign up period closes. 
    • Vertical Kits (both printed and digital) can be purchased during the sign up periods as one-time purchases.  


    How do I cancel my subscription?

    • You can easily do that by clicking ‘Manage Monthly Subscription’ in the left menu of the website.